Cadence, Inc. Company History

Cadence Virginia

Headquartered in Staunton, Virginia, the business now known as Cadence, Inc. began in 1985 as Specialty Blades to address the needs of companies who required high performance, razor sharp custom-made cutting blades.

Specialty Blades developed a proprietary CNC sharpening process that featured precisely controlled, multiple step grinding and honing sequences similar to that used on razor blades, but optimized for maximum product flexibility. As one of the leading surgical manufacturers, the proven success in developing high performance cutting solutions spilled over into the sophisticated medical device market with the continued penetration of MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) techniques. The increasing need for smaller cutting components with razor sharp edges on unique materials created significant growth opportunities for Specialty Blades during the late '90s.

Today, Cadence is ranked among the top companies providing contract manufacturing solutions. The Cadence reputation as the market expert for improving product performance comes from a commitment to using innovative fabrication technologies. Our proprietary “sharps” processing technologies enable Cadence to supply the most critical components and complex sub-assemblies for medical devices, scientific, and industrial applications.

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