OLFA® Premium Cutting Tools


OLFA® is a manufacturer of the world's best cutting tools. Cadence is an OLFA® Master Distributor and your ideal source for all OLFA® Products.

The OLFA® brand introduced the world's first snap-off blade in 1956, transforming how contractors, painters, and "do-it-yourselfers" work. With its signature innovation, OLFA now produces more than 100 premium cutting tools including the cushion grip HandSaver® Series, X OLFA Design Series, and the UltraMax® ultra-sharp black blades. At Cadence, you can find a hand tool for any job.

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Safety & Utility

  • OLFA® Safety Knives
  • OLFA® Standard Duty Knives (9mm)
  • OLFA® Heavy Duty Knives (18mm)
  • OLFA® Extra Heavy Duty Knives (25mm)
  • OLFA® Scrapers
  • OLFA® Blade Disposal Cases

Arts & Crafts

  • OLFA® Arts & Craft Knives
  • OLFA® Rotary Cutters
  • OLFA® Touch Knives
  • OLFA® Specialty Cutters
  • OLFA® Cutting Mats & Rulers

Replacement Blades

  • OLFA® Safety Blades
  • OLFA® Standard Duty (9mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Heavy Duty (18mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Extra Heavy Duty (25mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Rotary Blades
  • OLFA® Arts & Craft Blades
  • OLFA® Specialty Cutter Blades
  • OLFA® Scrapers Blades

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