OLFA® Premium Cutting Tools


OLFA® is a manufacturer of the world's best cutting tools. Cadence is an OLFA® Master Distributor and your ideal source for all OLFA® Products.

The OLFA® brand introduced the world's first snap-off blade in 1956, transforming how contractors, painters, and "do-it-yourselfers" work. With its signature innovation, OLFA now produces more than 100 premium cutting tools including the cushion grip HandSaver® Series, X OLFA Design Series, and the UltraMax® ultra-sharp black blades. At Cadence, you can find a hand tool for any job.

Currently our online store is under construction. While we know this is an inconvenience, we value your business and look forward to still providing you high quality Olfa products at discounted prices.

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Safety & Utility

  • OLFA® Safety Knives
  • OLFA® Standard Duty Knives (9mm)
  • OLFA® Heavy Duty Knives (18mm)
  • OLFA® Extra Heavy Duty Knives (25mm)
  • OLFA® Scrapers
  • OLFA® Blade Disposal Cases

Arts & Crafts

  • OLFA® Arts & Craft Knives
  • OLFA® Rotary Cutters
  • OLFA® Touch Knives
  • OLFA® Specialty Cutters
  • OLFA® Cutting Mats & Rulers

Replacement Blades

  • OLFA® Safety Blades
  • OLFA® Standard Duty (9mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Heavy Duty (18mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Extra Heavy Duty (25mm) Blades
  • OLFA® Rotary Blades
  • OLFA® Arts & Craft Blades
  • OLFA® Specialty Cutter Blades
  • OLFA® Scrapers Blades

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