Electro-Chemical Edge Enhancement

The ultimate goodness of sharps (blades and needles) is found in the small area right along the cutting edges or at the needle tip. This critical area is less than 0.0001” and generates the real performance during its function. Cadence has developed proprietary processes using electrochemistry to refine the ultimate edges and points to perfection.

Cadence developed and optimized a proprietary electrochemical edge enhancement process that is used to finish the cutting edges on endoscopic scissors and sharpened tubes. This process is precision controlled to enable total burr removal along the final cutting edges without any rounding or dulling of the edges due to over processing.

Our edge enhancement process has become a much more robust solution to fine burr removal than the typical electropolishing option. This is due in large part to:

  • the fact that the typical electropolishing process is optimized for rounding edges and material removal.
  • rounding reduces the performance of cutting edges and needle tips.

Our new process removes the burr without the rounding thereby leaving the cutting edges and needle tips very sharp.