Blade Forming - Deburring

Many surgical device components and sub-assemblies require precision forming to yield the final desired shape. Cadence applies varies custom technologies to generate the proper results, such as:

  • CNC forming - Flexible forming via our custom built, CNC forming process, fondly referred to internally as “victor” process.
  • “iBend” automated forming capability -The latest new metal forming technology is known as iBEND, is an automated bending process with proprietary bending mechanisms.  This type of technology has been the forerunner among all automatic bending equipment in the die making industry for nearly 15 years.  This new process is fully computer driven and includes four tooling modules, each with up to five position tools.
  • Optimized hydraulic forming presses with special tooling.
  • Flaring
  • Swaging
  • Coiling

All of these processes are fine tuned to show full capability on the toughest of metal forming requirements.

Deburring is also a critical part of the ultimate product, so multiple means of deburring are applied to the customer products we manufacture based on the ultimate application.

Examples of deburring processes are:

  • mechanical deburring processes such as tumble and abrasive deburring
  • electropolishing used as an electro-chemical means of burr removal