Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, and Laser Welding

Laser Cutting Cncmetali Stoc

Laser processing has become fundamental to manufacturing new products. Cadence’s approach to laser processing is one that involves customization of the standard available equipment offering to optimize the capability for new product development. What this means is most of our equipment has customized motion control and material handling capability which enables higher levels of precision.

Laser Cutting

Cadence uses laser cutting technology for creating custom blanks out of flat stock materials. Having this capability in-house allows us to rapidly create new blades of almost any shape quickly and affordably.  

Laser Welding

Our Advanced Welding LabTM features a wide variety of innovations and unique technological characteristics, including:

  • Micro-weld technology - uses smallest weld spot diameters for finest applications
  • Dual beam technology - the capability to weld on opposite sides of a part at the same time
  • Double-closed loop power control - Pulse to pulse stability of less than 1% yields better joints and less variation part-to-part
  • 5-axis control for the most complex laser-welding requirements

Laser Marking