Razor Blade Manufacturing

Razor Blades

Cadence can manufacture razor blades in any shape or size and from a wide variety of materials using efficient steel coil sharpening processes. Even though our business was built on making a custom blade for a very specific cutting application, we often produce high volume razor blades that are very similar to the standard razor blades sold by other razor blade manufacturers.

As part of our Specialty Blades Catalog, we offer a large selection of razor blades made out of a variety of materials that offer varying degrees of cutting performance and wear life. 

  • Our Endurium® line of razor slitting blades are made from premium long lasting materials such as M2 High Speed Steel, Ceramic Coated M2, Carbide, and Solid Zirconia Ceramic, which offers up to 100x wear life over standard carbon steel blades.
  • Our newest brand, Optima Plus®, is made from 0.010" thin stainless steel with a long lasting "plus" coating that offers up to 12x blade life over standard carbon steel blades.

Cadence standard razor blades are made in a variety of shapes: