Fiber Chopping Blades

Fiber Chopping Blades for web

Fiber Chopping Blades include:

  • Synthetic fiber blades
  • Glass fiber blades
  • Fiberglass cutting blades
  • Dry chopping blades
  • Wet chopping blades
  • Fiberglass choppers
  • Textile tow cutters
  • Synthetic fiber choppers

All Cadence chopping blades are made from M-2 to exacting standards. M-2 chopping blades will last 4x longer than standard chopping blades, thus, reducing your downtime for roll change-outs and improving throughput.

OEM Replacement Blades

Image Part ID Dimension Equipment OEM Material Coating Thickness
SBI029 Thumbnail SBI029 17.5" x 0.74" M2 High Speed Steel 0.014 in.
OS-GRUB36 Thumbnail OS-GRUB36 2.75" x 0.74" GRU GRU Stainless Steel 0.036 in.
ES-FHRH35 Thumbnail ES-FHRH35 3.75" x 0.748" HERCULES M2 High Speed Steel 0.035 in.
ES-HRH35 Thumbnail ES-HRH35 3.75" x 0.748" HERCULES M2 High Speed Steel 0.035 in.
ES-KRB35 Thumbnail ES-KRB35 1.89" x 0.313" KRUPP Bi-Metal 0.035 in.
ES-M4W35 Thumbnail ES-M4W35 2.937" x 0.615" MARK IV Carbide 0.035 in.
ES-M4H35 Thumbnail ES-M4H35 2.937" x 0.618" MARK IV M2 High Speed Steel 0.035 in.
OS-M4C35 Thumbnail OS-M4C35 2.94" x 0.62" MARK IV Stainless Steel Ceramic 0.035 in.
OS-M4S35 Thumbnail OS-M4S35 2.94" x 0.62" MARK IV Stainless Steel 0.035 in.
ES-M5W35 Thumbnail ES-M5W35 4.626" x 0.615" MARK V Carbide 0.035 in.
ES-M5B35 Thumbnail ES-M5B35 4.626" x 0.618" MARK V Bi-Metal 0.035 in.
SBI104 Thumbnail SBI104 4.5" x 0.74" TIEJIN SEIKI Stainless Steel 0.036 in.

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