Food Processing Blades

Cadence Blades Food Processing

Machine Knives require a lot of precision.  Get a better fit, better cut and better blade every time with our OEM machine knives. 

We often provide in-depth analysis of our customers blades and material selection to ensure the best fit for their cutting processes. 

Cadence manufactures commercial meat processing knives and other various food industry blades for meat and poultry skinning and processing, seafood processing, fruit & vegetable processing, and for other applications such as skinning, cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping.

Choose Cadence's specialty blades:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Any shape, any size, any application
  • Highest quality raw materials, including M2 high-speed steel
  • Proprietary CNC controlled forming capabilities – creates a better fit every time for any shape
  • Custom edge configurations available
  • Rapid turnaround

Don't see your blade in our catalog? Contact us today to get a quote for your replacement OEM blades.

OEM Replacement Blades

Image Part ID Dimension Equipment OEM Material Coating Thickness
SBIP15B Thumbnail SBIP15B CARRUTHERS Stainless Steel 0.058 in.
SBIP15 Thumbnail SBIP15 CARRUTHERS Stainless Steel 0.116 in.
SBIP14 Thumbnail SBIP14 14" O.D. x 2.14" I.D. CARRUTHERS Stainless Steel 0.041 in.
SBIP34A Thumbnail SBIP34A 7.625" x 1.276" DAPEC Stainless Steel 0.062 in.
SBIP99 Thumbnail SBIP99 MAGURIT Stainless Steel 0.116 in.
SBIP98 Thumbnail SBIP98 13" O.D. w/ 1.18" Square Center MAGURIT Stainless Steel 0.062 in.
SBIP33A Thumbnail SBIP33A 2.366" O.D. x 0.435" I.D. w/ 2x 0.252" Mounting Holes MAREL Stainless Steel 0.039 in.
SBIP21A Thumbnail SBIP21A MEYN Stainless Steel 0.02 in.

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