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Olfa Sk12

OLFA®is a manufacturer of the world's best cutting tools. Cadence is an OLFA® Master Distributor and your ideal online source for all OLFA® Products. Please contact us to place an order for OLFA® parts.

The OLFA® brand introduced the world's first snap-off blade in 1956, transforming how contractors, painters, and "do-it-yourselfers" work. With its signature innovation, OLFA now produces more than 100 premium cutting tools including the cushion grip HandSaver® Series, X OLFA Design Series, and the UltraMax® ultra-sharp black blades. At Cadence, you can find a hand tool for any job.

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Standard (9mm) Utility Knives

Image Part ID Description
OLFA1064416 Thumbnail OLFA1064416 OLFA® PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Loading Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Storage
OLFA5001 Thumbnail OLFA5001 OLFA® 180 9mm Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Utility Knife
OLFA5018 Thumbnail OLFA5018 OLFA® SVR-1 Stainless Steel Body Slide Mechanism Utility Knife With Blade Snapper
OLFA5019 Thumbnail OLFA5019 OLFA® SVR-2 Stainless Steel Body Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper
OLFA5022 Thumbnail OLFA5022 OLFA® NA-1 Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA5023 Thumbnail OLFA5023 OLFA® A-1 Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper
OLFA9091 Thumbnail OLFA9091 OLFA® 300 Wheel-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA9150 Thumbnail OLFA9150 OLFA® SAC-1 Stainless Steel Snap-Off Graphics Knife

Heavy Duty (18mm) Utility Knives

Image Part ID Description
OLF5003 Thumbnail OLF5003 OLFA® L-1 Pistol Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA1118008 Thumbnail OLFA1118008 OLFA® NOL-1/BB Rubber Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA5004 Thumbnail OLFA5004 OLFA® L-2 Heavy Duty Knife with Rubber Grip

Extra Heavy Duty (25mm) Utility Knives

Image Part ID Description
OLFA1071858 Thumbnail OLFA1071858 OLFA® XH-1 Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet Lock Utility Knife
OLFA1104189 Thumbnail OLFA1104189 OLFA® XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA5006 Thumbnail OLFA5006 OLFA® H-1 Rubber Inset Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife
OLFA9043 Thumbnail OLFA9043 OLFA® NH-1 Rubber Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife

OLFA® Safety Knives

Image Part ID Description
OLFA1134049 Thumbnail OLFA1134049 The OLFA SK-14 Safety Knife is a stainless steel self-retracting knife specifically designed for use in food production environments.
OLFA1060595 Thumbnail OLFA1060595 OLFA® SK-6 Flex-Guard Safety Knife
OLFA1077171 Thumbnail OLFA1077171 OLFA® SK-8 Automatic Self-Retracting Safety Knife
OLFA1077174 Thumbnail OLFA1077174 OLFA® SK-7 Compact Self-Retracting Safety Knife
OLFA1086095 Thumbnail OLFA1086095 OLFA® SK-9 Self-Retracting Safety Knife W/ Tape Slitter
OLFA1096854 Thumbnail OLFA1096854 OLFA® SK-10 Concealed Blade Safety Knife
OLFA9048 Thumbnail OLFA9048 OLFA® SK-4 Self-Retracting Safety Knife

OLFA® Rotary Cutters

Image Part ID Description
OLFA9551 Thumbnail OLFA9551 OLFA® 28mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter (RTY-1/G)
OLFA9651 Thumbnail OLFA9651 OLFA® RTY-2/G 45mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter
OLFA9653 Thumbnail OLFA9653 OLFA® RTY-3/G 60mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter
OLFA9654 Thumbnail OLFA9654 OLFA® RTY-2/DX 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
OLFA9655 Thumbnail OLFA9655 OLFA® RTY-3/DX 60mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
OLFA9657 Thumbnail OLFA9657 OLFA® RTY-4 18mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter

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