Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Blades

Pelletizing Angle

Cadence Blades produce an overall lower cost through better performance – saving you money compared to cheap, low-quality blades. Don’t lose product and time with other blades, choose Cadence blades manufactured for better performance and extended use.

Cadence manufactures blades for many pelletizing systems, including EREMA plastic recycling systems, as well as other various plastic recycling systems.

Pelletizing Blades

Image Part ID Dimension Brand Material Coating Thickness Wear Index Standard Pack Size
EF-ERB35 Thumbnail EF-ERB35 1.8" x 0.945"
Endurium® Bi-Metal 0.035 in. 8 100
EF-ERH35 Thumbnail EF-ERH35 1.8" x 0.945"
Endurium® M2 High Speed Steel 0.035 in. 8 100
OF-ERS35T Thumbnail OF-ERS35T 1.8" x 0.945"
Optima® Stainless Steel TiN 0.035 in. 6 100
OF-ERS35 Thumbnail OF-ERS35 1.8" x 0.945"
Optima® Stainless Steel 0.035 in. 2 100
OF-ERS351 Thumbnail OF-ERS351 1.8" x 0.945"
w/ 0.208" Hole
Optima® Stainless Steel TiN 0.039 in. 6 100

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