Coatings for Extended Wear Life & Better Blade Performance

Tin Coating Slotted

When it comes to improving the performance of your blades, there is no single perfect coating for any application. Our blade experts will review your specific performance needs and recommend a coating for your application.

Our Optima®, Optima Plus®, and Endurium® line of blades for the converting industry feature high performance ceramic coatings.

Advantages of Performance Coatings

High performance coatings can improve your blade life by providing a harder, longer-lasting edge. You can also increase performance with coatings that provide reduced friction and heat which give both an improved wear life as well as improved edge quality. Improved wear life leads to fewer blade changes, less downtime, and higher throughput on your manufacturing lines.

Properties of Specific Coatings

Benefits Lubricous Cost Effective Very Hard, Tough Very Hard, Tough, Dissipates Heat Prevents build-up on cutting edges for Al & Ti Cost Effective Less friction than TiN Good heat resistance Very Hard, Low Friction, Corrosion Resistant
Coefficient of Friction <0.1 <0.6 <0.4 <0.1 <0.1 0.6 <0.5 0.35 <0.15
Color of Coating Gray/Black Dull Silver Gray/Black Gray/Silver Gray/Silver Gold Gray/Black Dark Gray/Black Black
Coating Thickness 10 - 25 μm 1 - 3 μm 1 - 3 μm 1 - 3 μm 1 - 3 μm 1 - 3 μm 2 - 4 μm 1 - 3 μm 2 - 4 μm
Hardness (HK) 900 2400 4500 4500 2900 2200 2800 3500 4000